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High Speed CNC Straightening And Cutting Machine

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Model: GT3-20

Features of High Speed CNC Straightening And Cutting Machine:

1. this straightening machine is one of our main products, its advantages are high cost-performance, high precision, fast speed.

2.  driver:

The wire feed is driven by servo motor, which ensures speed and precision. The straightening drum is driven by frequency conversion brake motor, which ensures the sensitivity of pause, fast stopping speed and small damage to motor. The cutter is controlled by the cylinder, which ensures the shear strength and saves energy at the same time.

3. for 2-3.5 mm filament diameter, will never run silk.

4. Control:

Control cabinet and operation integrated, PLC programming control, touch screen operation interface, can specification memory, shear length is set length, non-top shear. Overall make the operation more humanized, more convenient adjustment.

5. Straightening die is alloy material, after special treatment, durable, so that the straight out of the wire scratch is small (slight thread scratch), will not damage the surface of the wire.

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